BBQ Cleaning

BBQs are very easy to maintain in a good condition but you must not forget that they need to be regularly cleaned. We, from Oven Care Guildford, can help you keep your BBQ in a clean and excellent state with our budget-friendly BBQ cleaning service in Guildford. Hire our competent, friendly and vetted cleaners and improve the condition of your barbecue cooker and the taste of your meals.

Time-efficient BBQ cleaning in Guildford

We are experts when it comes to offering our clients quick BBQ cleaning in Guildford. Every step of our booking and cleaning processes is lightning fast. We can give you a free instant quotation and we can come and inspect the condition of your BBQ on practically any day of the week. Note that this also includes weekends and even bank holidays. Thanks to our extremely flexible schedule, we are not afraid to respond to bookings made at a very short notice. The cleaning process itself will also be carried out in a speedy way since we employ experienced cleaning technicians who have full access to our collection of top-of-the-crop equipment.

Also, we use only bio-degradable supplies and health-friendly detergents. That is why you will be able to use your BBQ immediately after the service is completed. That makes our secure and fast BBQ cleaning service an excellent last-minute solution.

We clean all types of BBQs at a low price

Barbecues come in all shapes and sizes and we are able to clean all of them. Small, medium or large – no matter the type of BBQ you are using at the moment, we will meticulously clean it without missing a single spot. With us, the price will be the last thing you will worry about because our transparent and honest pricing policy will keep you safe from surcharges, undisclosed fees and etc. Plus, our professional cleaning of BBQs in Guildford is fairly priced. We can clean a small rounded BBQ for just £45 and medium ones for barely £65. For large barbecues that measure more than 110 cm, we charge only £83. So, even if you own a commercial-style BBQ, you will still be able to have it cleaned without spending all of your savings. We are 110% certain that we have the most moderate prices in Guildford but our clients can still test that claim and see it for themselves by using our fair price matching service. Our customers also get the opportunity to receive a personalised quote that will be estimated in accordance with their budget.

What can you expect to get?

By opting for our all-round BBQ cleaning in Guildford, you will enjoy an impressively thorough cleaning solution. We will first inspect the barbecue and its grill. Then, we will disassemble the BBQ and let some of its parts to soak in a solution of eco-friendly products. That will help us to fully remove grease, oil stains and build-up and burnt-on food debris from it. We will finish by wiping and assembling the barbecue.