AGA Cleaning

AGA cookers are an excellent centrepiece in any kitchen but they have one big downside – they are difficult to clean because they have various components each of which needs to be scrubbed and washed separately. With our trustworthy AGA cleaning service in Guildford, you will not need to put yourself through such a torture. We, at Oven Care Guildford, will send you a team of courteous and seasoned experts who will clean your AGA oven to perfection.

Hassle-free AGA cleaning in Guildford

The easiest and most risk-proof way to maintain your AGA cooker clean at all time is by relying on the skills of qualified and diligent cleaning technicians like ours. The reliable and well-versed pros that we employ have gone through a special training course focused namely on AGA cleaning methods. That is why they will be able to carefully and meticulously clean every part of your AGA oven without damaging or breaking it. But just in case something does not go as planned, we have fully insured our entire team of skilled cleaners.

If you decide to book our comprehensive cleaning of AGA cookers in Guildford, you will also be able to combine it with many of our additional services and get more value for the money you spend. To make the whole experience even more stress-free, we have made it possible for our clients to schedule their appointments not only during the workweek but also on public holidays, weekends or after regular office hours.

A quick outline of our cleaning process

Our eco-friendly AGA cleaning in Guildford consists of a pretty straight-forward but quite a thorough process. The first thing that our dedicated cleaners will do is to clean the outside of the cooker. Using organic and health-friendly products, they will remove the grease and grime from the surface of your AGA oven. They will scrub off even old built-up food residues from the appliance without scratching its surface. The next step would be to clean the interior of the cooker, particularly the insides of the lids and doors of the oven. We will even clean the hinges of the appliance because for us every detail is of a key importance.

Improved cooker performance and cheap prices

AGA ovens can remain in an excellent working condition for many long years when they are properly cleaned. Since our speedy AGA cleaning service is of a top-notch quality, your oven’s lifespan will increase by a few more years if you choose to hire our dependable cleaners. The performance of the cooker will also witness a major improvement. Once we remove the burnt food debris from its surface, it will reach the desired temperature quicker and that may even have a positive effect on your electricity bill, as it will reduce the average energy consumption levels of the appliance. Our all-round AGA cleaning in Guildford is quite inexpensive. Our prices start at £62 for a single module AGA cooker. For AGA oven with 4 ovens, the price reaches just £114.